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Pressure Filters

Pressure filters come in sizes: 6000L, 9000L & 15000L

The Filtration process

Step 1: Mechanical Filtration- Water is pumped into filter creating the necessary pressure to begin the mechanical filtration stage, there are 2 phases in the mechanical stage, coarse filtration & fine filtration, each phase uses a specially designed foam sponge to effectively remove all sizes of unwanted debris.

Step 2: Biological Filtration – The biological filtration stage begins when water reaches the bottom of the filter, this stage uses bio-balls providing a habitat for beneficial bacteria to grow, these bacteria naturally convert harmful ammonia and other wastes into healthy nitrates that fertilise aquatic plants.

Step3: The final stage uses UV light located in middle of filter. Exposure to the light kills algae as the water passes upward through the filter on its way to pond.




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