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Water Features Gallery

Please browse our collection of finished projects.

Shallow Bowl with Shute on Tapered Stand

Shallow Bowl and Shute

Raven Bowl -Planted

Shallow Bowl with Plants

Shallow Bowl in Square Custom Pond

Shallow Bowl with Shute & Light

Large Copper Wall – Shiny Abstract Design

Shallow Bowl with Arched Shute

Shallow Bowl

Triple Tower – Black Louver Design

Shallow Bowl with Tappered Stand Overflowing

Giant Copper Panels – Cherry Blossom Design

Ellipse 1.8 Metre

Gentong Pot

Giant Triple Copper Wall – Tree Of Life Design

Large Copper Wall – Many Rivers Design

Shallow Bowl with Stainless Steel Shute

Custom Water Wall

Shallow Bowl with Stainless Steel Shute

Triple Tower Grind Finish with Gentong Pot

Water Bowl 1.8 Metre

Shallow bowl – Custom Built Pond

Ellipse – Planting

Kotak Pot

80cm Ellipse Package & 1m Teak Ball

Shallow Bowls 80 cm in a Rectangular Pond

2m Copper Rain Shower

Sunset Copper Wall- Roof Terrace

Shallow Bowl on a Pedestal Stand

Shallow Bowl Installation, Greenacre, Sydney